When we return your manuscript, we will also provide a separate Word document, which is your letter from the editor. In this letter, we will offer our overall opinion on certain aspects of your novel. We'll cover what we believe you're doing well and what you need to work on before releasing your novel. This summary covers the most important items that should be addressed.
A manuscript critique involves looking at your novel in relation to the craft of writing. Using Microsoft Track Changes, we will evaluate your manuscript's structure, clarity, pacing, and organization. If you need to improve in these areas, we'll offer an in-depth response.
We will post the book review anywhere you ask. Usually, it's posted to our website, which is then shared to our social media accounts, and on all publishing platforms that feature your book (e.g. Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, etc.). To make this process simpler, we ask that you send us your book links.
Our editing package includes both copy editing and content editing. In essence, copy editing is similar to proofreading. However, we check for more than typos. We look at accuracy, word usage, repetition, awkward wording or phrasing, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, pronoun use, verb tenses, consistency, and more. Content editing takes a broader approach. Instead of focusing on line editing, we look at things like character development, story arc, use of themes, dialogue, sub-plots, and more.
Yes, we are. More importantly, we can prove it. All of our editors have a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing from a top university, have worked as editors for publishers, and have publication credits of their very own. Editing isn't something we've pursued on a whim. Reading, writing, and editing are our passions, and that shows in our work.
We use a safe, secure invoicing system. We never have access to your personal information. You can choose to pay your invoice via PayPal, Stripe (debit or credit cards), or Dwolla (e-check). Payment is due before editing can begin.
We do more than simply edit your manuscript. Our editing package includes the following:
  1. Copy Editing
  2. Content Editing
  3. Manuscript Critique
  4. Letter from the Editor
  5. Book Review
  6. Author Spotlight
  7. Newsletter Blast
  8. Social Media Marketing
An author spotlight is a featured artist post on our website's blog. This featured post is customizable. Most posts include an author head shot, author bio, and author interview. Once this post is live, we will share it on social media to help you reach new readers.
Tara and Danielle work together on every client's manuscript. The duties are split evenly. For example, if one editor is reading and editing, the other editor will handle all marketing aspects (e.g. author spotlight, newsletter blast, social media management, etc.). Tara and Danielle work as a team to give you the very best experience.
We're open to expanding our editing team. To ensure our clients receive the best editing experience, we require our editors to have, at a minimum, a master's degree in writing, editing, or similar. If you think you'll be a good addition to our team, email us.
We'll share just about anything you send us. If you have a book releasing, a sale, a cover reveal, etc., let us know, and we'll share it with our social media followers on Facebook and Twitter.
The contract covers both parties. It's a standard contract that covers what you can expect of Narrative Ink and what we can expect of you. Since payment is due before editing begins, we feel having a contract in place reassures first-time clients.
Yes, we will happily help you write your book blurb. However, it is recommended you first hire us for editing services. We can't write a blurb for a book we haven't read. We can, however, line edit a blurb for a book we haven't read.
We will edit any genre. Editing is not the same as reading; we wear a different hat when editing. This doesn't mean we won't comment on your manuscript as a reader. If we enjoy a particular scene, we'll tell you. If we find a certain character unrelatable, we'll let you know.
We return all manuscripts within two weeks.
We sure can! We've worked with Robin, the owner of Wicked by Design, and highly recommend her and her services. She's a pleasure to work with and extremely affordable. You won't be disappointed!